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Whelan Kartaway Miniskips offers waste transportation and landfill services

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Whelan Kartaway Miniskips  offers suggestions for waste of unusual variety. It suggests exclusive or special bins which would be more economical than standard bins. If required, exclusive or special bins are built economically to the suit the requirements of clients.

One more specific area of operation of Whelan Kartaway Miniskips includes the safe transportation of asbestos and other given products.

Whelan Kartaway Miniskips is also involved in the operations of landfills. It is keeping alongside with important issues related to environment such as waste transfer and waste recycling.

Besides regular landfill operations, Whelan Kartaway Miniskips also operates several recycling and waste transfer depots. It specialises in the transportation of waste paper, given materials, glass and other products which are recyclable.

Whelan Kartaway Miniskips keeps itself equipped with the latest equipment. To have an awareness of the most up-to-date overseas and equipment in the Waste Industry, Whelan Kartaway Miniskips utilises the service of T.A.M, Italy and R.Bronner, GmbH, Germany.

Whelan Kartaway Miniskips also has a completely equipped workshop that caters for the installation, manufacture and maintenance of every hoist. Several clients of Whelan Kartaway Miniskips seek its suggestion for the purchase of specific waste equipment, both mobile and static.

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