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Waterproof solutions from Waterproofing – DryCrete

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Waterproofing – DryCrete  provide Drycrete waterproof solutions suitable for commercial, domestic and industrial applications. A few services provided by Waterproofing – DryCrete include rising damp, retaining walls and providing sealers for concrete slabs, driveways etc.

Skilled professionals employed at Waterproofing – DryCrete also take care of leaking concrete water tanks, without removing tank water. The team is specialised in treating rising damp as well. According to recent statistical studies, it was revealed that about 30 to 45 per cent of older houses in inner suburban regions, where problems like rising damp (salt damp). These problems can be treated by Waterproofing – DryCrete.

Once waterproofing is installed, it acts like a barrier and prevents the entry of water from various sections of structures and thus it protects the floor and timbers. Waterproofing – DryCrete also provide services for internal wet area tanking, retaining walls, ponds, planters’ boxes, balconies, trafficable rooftops and even leaking shower repair without removing tiles.

Waterproofing – DryCrete is an Australian owned business established by Peter de Valle and Jason Treacy. The firm is recognised for their treatment in rising damp. Customers can visit the official website of Waterproofing – DryCrete for future information regarding waterproofing.

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