Retrofit Double Glazed Windows for Acoustic Insulation from Soundblock Solutions

Soundblock retrofit Acrylic Magnetic Windows black PVC frame
Soundblock retrofit Acrylic Magnetic Windows black PVC frame
Soundblock retrofit Acrylic Magnetic Windows black PVC frame Soundout retrofit aluminium acoustic windows Soundblock retrofit Acrylic Magnetic Windows white PVC frame Soundout retrofit aluminium horizontal sliding window with extended reveal

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Soundout aluminium acoustic windows, Soundblock Acrylic Magnetic windows

Soundproof secondary “double glazed” Window systems
Soundblock Solutions provide two types of Double Glazed Windows for noise reduction. 

Both types of double glazed windows are installed as secondary windows ideally offset from your primary window glass by 100mm. 

This air space is critical to acoustic performance and reduction of the transfer of noise from outside to inside. 

Traditional double glazing is for thermal control and uses a single window with a small 25-30mm gap. This gap is insufficient tobreak down noise.

Without a gap of between 70-100mm you will not achieve optimum noise reduction. The air space created between the twowindows acts as a barrier to reduce noise. We can increase the depth of a window reveal with timber.

Soundblock Acrylic Magnetic Windows
The Soundblock Acrylic Magnetic window works by placing a PVC sub frame on the inside of a window frame to which an acrylic window is attached with the help of a magnetic strip.

As a result, the acrylic window gets sealed thereby creating an air space between the acrylic and the existing window which acts as a barrier and helps to reduce noise to a greater extent.  

Soundout Aluminium Acoustic Windows
The Soundout Acoustic Aluminum Window system works by retrofitting a PVC sub frame on the inside of a window reveal.

This soundproofing method is tested to minimise noise up to 42db (approx.70%) using the optimum air gap. 

The window frame is made with powder coated aluminium and has acoustic Qlon seals within the frame.

 It is ideally suited for residential windows or architectural commercial sliding windows and doors in combination with primary windows and sliding doors. As all panels slide on this secondary window it is easy to access your primary window for opening and cleaning.

Questions about this product

What are Soundblock® Acoustic windows made of?
Thick laminated glass and powder coated aluminium frames. We believe these materials are more effective, durable, practical and aesthetically pleasing than Acrylic/PVC Magnetic systems.
How will they look from inside?
The Soundblock® Acoustic aluminium window is positioned within existing reveals, aligns with existing framing and is powder coated in a colour to match the existing window or door colour. You will barely notice that you ...
Can you see the Soundblock® Acoustic window?
The Soundblock® Acoustic aluminium windows and doors are custom made to match your existing windows and doors. All framing will align directly inside the existing framing. This makes the Soundblock® Acoustic window and door ...
My home/office building is heritage listed, can I have Soundblock® Acoustic windows fitted?
Yes, we have installed our windows in heritage listed buildings.
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