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Lift of the Year - Simple Lift

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SHERRIN Hire won this award for a three-day lift project involving removing an upturned boat hull from a shed, turning it and transferring it to another shed for fitout. Complicating the lift were the low clearance at the shed doors, the narrow street with overhead power lines, and traffic control in the street.

The hull was 19.3m long and weighed 15t. It was removed from the shed using a 20t Franna and skates. The boat was turned using a 50t Kato truck crane and 25t Tadano truck crane. Considerable care is required in turning a boat to ensure that the centre of gravity does not shift. A spotter was required at all times to ensure safety around the overhead power lines.

The boat was manoeuvred into the second shed, whose door had 1m less head height than the first, using the 50t Kato at one end and two 20t Frannas working from inside the shed.

Once the hull was through the door it was walked into position using one of the 20t Frannas and the shed’s overhead travelling crane. The hull was placed on skates until there was sufficient room to reattach the second Franna. The job was completed safely in extremely difficult conditions.

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