Comprehensive Stage and Theatre Curtains

Stage Curtains, Theatre Curtains, Studio Drapes, Back Drops and Staging Track Systems
Stage Curtains, Theatre Curtains, Studio Drapes, Back Drops and Staging Track Systems

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Stage Curtains, Studio Curtains, Track Systems including Motorised and Switched CYC Systems, Heavy Duty Curtain Track Systems

STE Australia Pty Ltd offer a wide range of stage curtains, studio curtains, track systems and other staging solutions designed for application in school halls, theatres, TV studios and more.

Stage Curtains, Theatrical Backdrops and Track Systems
STE Australia Pty Ltd have supply and install stage, theatre and studio equipment in numerous venues including:

  • Theatres, Cinemas, Civic Centres and Live Venues
  • School Halls 
  • Sound Studios, TV Studios and Video Studios 
  • Photographic Studios 
  • Drama Studios and Places of Worship  
Versatile stage and theatre curtains for a range of applications
The range of curtains from STE Australia are available in a wide selection of colours and materials to suit your specific applications.
  • Velvet Main Curtains and Large Drop Curtains
  • Masking Curtains and Blackouts 
  • Theatrical Backdrops
  • Studio Drapes and Portable Drape Systems 
  • Acoustic Attenuation 
  • Cycloramas 
  • Stage Scrims 
  • Standard Design 
  • Customised Track and Control Systems
Quality, reliable stage curtains, studio curtains and track systems
  • Large FR velvet colour range (several weights available)
  • Available in glitter velvet and metallic finish fabrics 
  • Brushed masking fabrics 
  • Blockout fabrics 
  • Seamless canvas back drops up to 12m drop and 60m heading 
  • High level and difficult access solutions (and the easy stuff - up to 6m) 
  • Tested and certifiable flame retarded fabrics to meet BCA and POPE requirements
  • Specialist Theatrical fabrics 
  • Fully optional stage and studio tracks available in motorised, multi-track switch units and dropout loading assemblies 
  • Reliable and free rolling ball bearing running gear 
  • Flexible standard and custom control systems 
  • Comprehensive range of specialist rigging accessories
Other staging and theatre products
STE also provide a wide range of theatre products and accessories, including:
  • Portable staging
  • Sandbag and shotbags 
  • Ballet barres
  • Drama blocks
  • Lecterns
  • Projection screens and surfaces 
  • Rigging and theatre hardware 
  • Stage machinery 
  • Winched lighting bars
  • Limited obsolete theatre parts
STE Australia provide design and installation services, consultation and coordination with clients, architects, designers and builders.

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