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Dual handed 50L MEPS compliant water heater

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Rheem’s new Dual handed 50 litre water heater has the smallest diameter on the market and complies with the new Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

MEPS limits the heat loss of water heaters and applies to both locally-manufactured and imported water heaters. In October 2005, the MEPS for small mains pressure water heaters changed with the maximum allowable standing heat loss decreasing from 1.7 to 1.39 kilowatt hours/day. The Rheem 50 litre water heater conforms to this standard.

With a 393 mm diameter, the 50 litre water heater is easy to install in tight spaces including in-cupboard installations. The unit is dual handed, with left and right hand water inlet, outlet and TPR fittings, making it a ‘one size fits all’ product. All plugs provided with the system are accessible with the use of a standard spanner.

“Our new model is a true 50 litre water heater because it stores around 12 per cent more hot water than some other reduced capacity tanks which are labelled as 50 litre systems, but store less than 50 litres of hot water. These types of units blend cold water with the hot water at the outlet to make up the gap, but at a lower temperature, whereas the Rheem dual handed MEPS compliant tank delivers a full 50 litres of hot water,” said David Micallef, Technical Marketing Manager, Rheem.

The tank is encased in durable Colorbond steel, is safe for wall mounting and comes with a five year warranty for the cylinder, three years for labour and one year for parts.

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