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The Ramset J20 Duo-JobMaster powder actuated tool has been around for nearly five decades, providing fast and efficient, medium to heavy duty fixing of materials into concrete and masonry.

Now, the latest generation Ramset JobMaster has the very latest in low velocity technology, which means the energy used to drive the fastener is stored in the captive piston, restricting the ability of the fastener to go into free flight. Recent testing using 35mm pine representing a bottom plate and a 75mm drive pin that has shown that, in the event of a pin being fired into a timber bottom plate that for whatever reason does not have a substrate to fix in to, the drive pin does not enter into free flight beyond the bottom of the plate. This greatly improves the safe handling and use of the tool.

Unlike other low velocity tools on the market, the new generation Ramset JobMaster is extremely simple in design, meaning less maintenance and less cost, plus the initial cost of the tool is substantially less than competitor products.

Source: Building Products News.

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