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Roof and insulation coatings from Prestige Coatings Australia

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Prestige Coatings Australia  is an online website that features sponsored listings for goods and services related to a range of coatings. Prestige Coatings Australia offer ceramic coatings for all types of roofs.

Prestige Coatings Australia offers ceramic paint and roof coating which is equal to 7 inches of fiberglass insulation. The insulating paints and roof coatings are new interior and exterior types of paint which offer energy-saving benefits. The coatings have the capacity to deflect over 85 percent of the sun's radiations. This helps in significant reduction of inside temperature. Insulating paint and roof coating can be used on all types of buildings and give the same appearance as ordinary paint. The coatings are heat resistant, help in lowering sound levels and reduce the risk of cracking.

Prestige Coatings Australia offers liquid ceramic insulation coatings for various insulation needs. The ceramic insulation coatings can withstand temperatures up to 260 Celsius. Prestige Coatings Australia provides information about thermal sprays, steel manufacturers, cookware coatings, surface coating resins, surface coatings for plastics, wood coatings and many similar range of coatings and related products.

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