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Tactile indicators and stair nosings available from Pictobraille
10.08.2011 - The Pictobraille range of tactile indicators and stair nosings is now available and includes acrylic, stainless steel, polymer concrete, porcelain, and granite tactile indicators, as well as non-corro
Braille sign frames from Pictobraille
21.07.2011 - Pictobraille has added a new line of sign frames to their Braille and tactile signage product range.
Braille and tactile signs from Pictobraille to comply with Transport Standards
02.03.2011 - Pictobraille provides Braille and tactile signs to suit customers’ requirements and comply with Transport Standards.
Pictobraille completes the Melbourne Convention Centre
01.09.2009 - Shapemakers, manufacturers of the Pictobraille range, recently completed a range of custom tactile and Braille signs in conjunction with Bentleigh Sign Company for the new Melbourne Convention Centre.
Pictobraille - Braille & Tactile signs available to purchase online
24.09.2008 - Shapemakers, manufacturers of the Pictobraille range, have added a new and convenient way to purchase braille and tactile signs.
Pictobraille Braille and tactile signs hits the 35,000 mark
03.06.2008 - Brisbane based manufacturer of Pictobraille Braille and tactile signs, Shapemakers made their 35,000th BCA compliant tactile and Braille sign last week.
Sign products for the visually impaired from Pictobraille
31.12.2007 - Pictobraille supplies sign products for visually impaired people. Pictobraille uses embossed or raised symbols and directional symbols to represent text which can be easily understood by the visually impaired.
BCA compliant tactile indicators and stair nosing from Pictobraille
22.06.2007 - Pictobraille now offers a range of tactile indicators and stair nosing.
Pictobraille website – resource for architects specifying amenity signs
29.05.2007 - Pictobraille website is a wealth of information for construction industry professionals when it comes to specifying tactile and Braille signs.
Sponsors AIBS conferences to help building certifiers
19.12.2006 - Pictobraille, a Brisbane-based manufacturer of tactile and Braille signs, is sponsoring the upcoming Victorian chapter AIBS conference.
Pictobraille - Braille signs
07.12.2006 - Pictobraille is a range of Braille signs that combines all the elements of communication necessary to ensure understanding by a broad range of people.
Pictobraille sponsors AIBS
16.11.2006 - Pictobraille, manufacturer of tactile and Braille signs, recently undertook a marketing campaign.
Pictobraille - BCA compliant tactile and Braille signs
25.08.2006 - Pictobraille produce a range of tactile and Braille amenity and other facility signs, such as toilet, shower and change room signs, and guarantee their products to be BCA compliant.
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