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Pipes, cables and conduits supplied by Phoenix Plastics

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Phoenix Plastics  supplies an assortment of products for use with hot and cold water, compressed air and chemicals. Phoenix Plastics offers polypropylene pressure pipes, which are non toxic, light weight, environmental friendly, hygienically safe, 100 per cent recyclable and cost effective solutions. This product is also ideal for several plumbing applications that involve hot water waste materials.

Additionally, Phoenix Plastics offers high temperature systems, which are easy to install, chemical resistance, interchangeable with other systems and 100 per cent recyclable. These products are provided with rubber ring joints and unlimited hot water loading capacity. KG2000 from Phoenix Plastics is impact resistance and durable product and is thus, ideal for pipe layers. These products are also easy to install, UV resistant and uses enhanced sealing technology.

Apart from these, Phoenix Plastics also sources welding equipment made of polyethylene and polypropylene from Electrofusion Welders, Butt Welders and allied accessories. Phoenix Plastics further offers pipes, cables and conduits for electrical, telecommunication and plumbing industries. A complete range of polypropylene compression fittings suitable for use with polyethylene pipe for the compressed air and water supply industries are also provided by Phoenix Plastics. Some of the other offerings from Phoenix Plastics include manifolds, tees, elbows and other assorted fittings.

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