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Toilet partition hardware and hand dryers from Metlam Australia

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Metlam Australia  offers toilet partition hardware, hand dryers and miscellaneous washroom equipment. Toilet partition hardware provided by Metlam Australia include brackets and adjustable legs, typical screw fixed systems and typical bolt systems. Typical screw fixed systems provided by Metlam Australia include coat hooks, gravity hinge and concealed fix gravity hinges. Coat hooks have been manufactured using diecast zinc material and available in satin chrome finish. Gravity hinges are made from stainless steel and comprise of nylon inserts. Metlam Australia also provides varied types of brackets and adjustable legs including lift up seat brackets, adjustable stainless steel foot assemblies and adjustable foot assembly. These brackets and adjustable legs are made from steel and available in stainless steel finish with nylon base.

Metlam Australia provides different types of hand dryers including stainless steel hand dryers, automatic hand dryers that have been powder coated with cast aluminium, stainless steel recessed automatic hand dryers and heavy duty quick dry automatic hand dryers.

Stainless steel hand dryers are available in different models like automatic operation hand dryers and push button operation hand dryers. Automatic operation hand dryers have stainless steel casing with a brushless motor, heater assembly that has been specifically designed to withstand 87 degree temperature, chrome plated zinc nozzles and produces sound level ranging to about 63 decibels.

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