Pedestrian and Vehicle Control Access Equipment from Magnetic Automation

Durable Slide Gate for Commercial Applications
Durable Slide Gate for Commercial Applications
Durable Slide Gate for Commercial Applications Vehicle Swing Gate and Pedestrian Gate Light Weight Cantilevered Gate Efficient High Volume Retractable Barriers

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Slide Gates: STG, MTG, MHG, MCG; Light Weight Gates: MTL, ASL; Swing Gates: MSG; Retractable Barriers: MPR

Magnetic Automation supply a range effective pedestrian and traffic control fixtures including gates, barriers and high glass doors. These efficient devices provide safe and reliable solutions for restricted access areas.

Functional light weight track gates and light weight cantilevered gates

Light weight track and cantilevered gates are cost effective solutions ideal for small factories and light commercial applications requiring infrequent operation. These functional gates are constructed from pre-galvanized steel and are powder coated to suit specific colour requirements.

Slide Gates can be tailored to suit your specific industrial requirements

  • Magnetic Automation is a market leader in track security and cantilevered slide gates
  • Slide gates may be customised to meet particular requirements including gate speed adjustments
  • The slide gate range includes: STG high security cantilevered gate, MTG track gate, MCG security gate and MHG modular gate
Security swing gates provide exceptional vehicle control
  • Safely and effectively control vehicle access at secure access points
  • May be strengthened for cladding and high wind applications 
  • Choose from a range of different sized gates up to 7 meters for each leaf
Intelligent High Glass Doors for secure pedestrian access
  • Available as a horizontal sliding access control with automatic locking system
  • Used for areas requiring low security surveillance 
  • Doors can be programmed to close after pedestrians walk through or after an adjustable time period
  • Can be used for either single or dual direction access control
Retractable aluminum or acrylic glass barriers ideal for high traffic areas
  • Designed to control pedestrians entering and exiting restricted areas
  • Card readers can be attached to provide additional security
  • Perfect for fare collection requirements
Magnetic Automation's controlled access range is perfect for industrial applications including train stations, airports, museums and stadiums. Ideal for all your low, medium and high security restriction applications.

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