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Integrated refrigerators and freezers available from Liebherr

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Since 1954 Liebherr have been producing innovative refrigeration advanced in design and technology, offering enhanced and sophisticated appliances.

Liebherr fully integrated refrigeration

For many years now kitchens have become one of the focal points of a home. Gone are the days where kitchens were used merely for preparation, cooking and cleaning purposes.

The kitchens are now part of the entertainment areas in many homes, particularly for those with open space living plans.

The fully integrated refrigeration, available from Liebherr, is the suitable addition to the core of any kitchen plan. Fully integrated refrigeration allows people to conceal their fridge and/or freezer behind cabinetry that matches the décor ideally.

This allows people to streamline the kitchen appearance, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Liebherr integrated refrigeration requires only standard cabinetry allowing users to maintain vital space for other storage requirements.

Liebherr have announced the addition of new fully integrated refrigerator and freezer models to the current range. The new models incorporate many of the past features, which have made Liebherr integrated refrigeration the suitable choice, including the SoftSystem door closing mechanism, which cushions the movement when the door is closed.

This ensures that even if the inner door is fully loaded, it still closes gently. Depending on the model other features of the range also include SuperCool and SuperFrost functions (for the ideal in chilling or freezing fresh foods quickly), automatic IceMaker and GlassLine storage shelves.

Selected models also feature LED integrated lighting for an even better view of the food inside. Liebherr’s new integrated refrigerator models also offer the innovative BioFresh technology, which had previously only been available in Australia amongst the freestanding refrigerator range.

Liebherr’s BioFresh compartments allow keeping foods according to the user’s needs. The DrySafe with the low humidity is ideal for storing meat, fish and milk products whilst the HydroSafe with its high humidity is ideal for preserving fruit and vegetables.

Foods stored in a BioFresh compartment at their ideal humidity will last up to three times longer than in a conventional refrigerator compartment.

The fresher the food, the more valuable it is for a healthy diet or appetising meals. From the health conscious connoisseur to those who just like tasty meals bursting with flavour, look no further than the fully integrated BioFresh range by Liebherr.

Combine all these features with fully integrated refrigeration and Liebherr are offering a sleek and contemporary solution to the kitchen design.

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