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Infrastructure products from Granor Rubber & Engineering

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Granor Rubber & Engineering  offers a variety of infrastructure and mining products to the customers. The infrastructure products include bearings, expansion joints and special products. The different varieties of bearings manufactured by Granor Rubber & Engineering include pot type structural bearings, elastomeric laminated bearings, plain bearing pad and strip, slipjoint, structural bearings and DISK bearings.

Structural bearings offered by Granor Rubber & Engineering come in two series-D and B. These bearings are designed based on grafab pad sliding on stainless steel as a point loaded slipjoint. B series bearings are designed as guide slide, free float or fixed with a range of holding bolt arrangements and backing plate.

Disk bearings are made of polyether urethane and offer many advantages over conventional pot bearings. These bearings can be easily inspected with the help of the exposed load bearing disk in terms of its design, performance and economical outcome.

The various expansion joints offered by Granor Rubber & Engineering include modular expansion joints, finger joints, strip seal expansion joint series- ACB and AC-AR, ausflex, WABO compression seals, fermaseal, X.J.S. system, Granor WIZFLEX system, transflex and waboflex rubber segmental joints, asphaltic plug joints (APJ), thorma joints, grafin steal, baffle strip, weather strip and graform seals.

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