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Access covers and grating by Gatic Milnes

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Gatic Milnes  provides quality cast iron, aluminium access covers, galvanised mild steel, grating and pipe fittings to many industries as well as local state governments and authorities in Australia as well as in other countries.

Some of the clients of Gatic Milnes are aviation authorities, telecommunications authorities, Telstra, Water services association of Australia, major water authorities in Australia like the Sydney and Melbourne water authority as well as many local governments throughout Australia.

The products of Gatic Mlines confirm to the highest international quality standards like the AS/NZS/ISO 9001:2000 standards. The laboratory of Gatic Milnes conforms to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Gatic Mlines produce quality goods by measuring performance against quality objectives. Constantly reviewing these objectives and improving the system thereby proactively developing new and quality products.

A number of metallic covers are available from Gatic Mlines these include circular covers, single part covers and multi part covers. The multi part covers from Gatic Mlines come with a number of optional extra accessories like 225 diameter access point, brass edging, stainless steel edging, stainless steel bolt downs, security bolt down, back pressure bolt down and fire proofing. Gatic Mlines also makes customised metallic covers on customer request.

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