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Fanquip’s confined spaces management division improves industrial environments with purging fans

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article image Fanquip’s gas purging unit removes unwanted air from a confined work space

Air movement specialist, Fanquip offers a confined spaces management service for all industrial sectors through its Industrial Solutions department.  

The confined spaces management service provides consultation and design to industrial clients on selecting the most appropriate technologies as well as their placement in confined spaces that may suffer from heat, cold, humidity, noxious gases or even airborne diseases and contaminants.  

A large part of Australian industry is not aware of the negative impact of excessive damp, heat or cold left untreated, or how to quickly and cost efficiently deal with these circumstances.  

For instance, a problem gas in confined work spaces has a two-pronged negative effect, not only potentially causing disease in workers but also corrosion on concrete.  

Closed environments in particular can create a build-up of fumes and gases, which when opened can be dangerous. With OH&S laws focusing on the presence of unsuitable air in every industry, equipment to provide fresh air is becoming basic and necessary.  

As part of its confined spaces management service, Fanquip provides complete solutions to resolve ongoing problems in industrial environments.  

This service is applicable in several areas including grease traps, sewers, factories, food processing plants, livestock and primary industry operations, pharmaceutical laboratories, foundries, tunnels and excavations, mine operations, and general manufacturing and engineering businesses.  

Fanquip’s purging fans are a key component in fixing problems typically found in confined spaces. In public works and waste handling, gas problems in areas such as sewers are prime sources of toxic and carcinogenic gases.  

Typically, solutions for these problems are sometimes overlooked on the premise that noxious gases are an acceptable part of the job routine. Fanquip’s purging fans can effectively and completely purge these gases.  

Gases occurring in public works and general construction, when present over a period of time produce an enzyme that rots concrete to the point where the steel reinforcement shows through in a matter of months. Such environments should ideally install a purging system to eliminate the strong carcinogenic gas.  

Purging is also an OH&S necessity at projects where workers are exposed to various gases such as methane or carbon dioxide. If left unattended, these gases can cause chronic diseases.  

Similarly, wells, drains and other sites that involve below-ground or urban bore area work are further examples of potential gas-filled areas where purging is required to avoid exposing workers to the inhalation risks.  

The hazard is magnified when the staff has to weld in such conditions as the exposure is not only to the toxic welding fumes but also to a potentially explosive environment especially when some of the gases react to the welding heat.  

Fanquip’s gas purging solutions include portable purging technology and systems that can be set up for blowing or extracting to ensure all unwanted air is quickly and easily purged out of a work area.  

Apart from purging, the Fanquip units can also maintain the supply of clean air for any personnel that may be working within the area.

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