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E2GO gourmet barbecues available from Everdure
22.11.2011 - Available from Everdure, E2GO gourmet barbecues are compact and have been cleverly designed for easy portability.
Everdure Ashburton eSee LPG barbeques a stylish addition to any outdoor area
14.09.2011 - The Ashburton eSee LPG barbeque is one of four stylish models from the Classic Series of barbeques available from Everdure.
E Altura ceramic fan heaters available from Everdure
20.07.2011 - Available from Everdure, E Altura ceramic fan heaters operate using Aleta plus technology, taking performance to a new level.
Freestanding cookers available from Everdure
01.07.2010 - Available from Everdure, UFEE51 freestanding cookers occupy less space in the kitchen and feature 4 electrical hotplates, 2 x 2.0kw, and a residual heat indicator.
Lancer gas heaters available from Everdure
30.06.2010 - Lancer gas heaters from Everdure are suitable for use in small living areas up to 52 square metres and are available in Milky Coffee, Black Marble, Silver Streak, Sand Dune colours.
Brigadier gas heaters available from Everdure
29.06.2010 - Available from Everdure, Brigadier gas heaters incorporate radiant and convection heating in one appliance.
e-cubo ceramic heaters available from Everdure
06.05.2009 - Available from Everdure, e-cubo ceramic heaters are designed to be portable and compact and provide an effective and efficient heating solution for the home.
Everdure introduce tower ceramic heaters from the Comfort Zone series
04.05.2009 - The Comfort Zone tower ceramic heaters from Everdure provide effective heating for any home by utilising the powerful 2000W ceramic element.
Everdure introduce the new E Series barbecues
29.04.2009 - The new E Series barbecues from Everdure combine patented innovations with creative minimalist design, making it an ideal outdoor barbecue solution.
Health-e-plates and barbecue grills for the E Series available from Everdure
29.04.2009 - Available from Everdure, the patented health-e-plates and barbecue grills are angled at 15º to allow waste to drain to a central collection system that can be disposed of easily.
Tiller + Tiller create design edge for Everdure’s Neo range
27.11.2007 - The Tiller+ Tiller design for the recently launched Everdure Neo Barbeque has proved to be a success. Tiller + Tiller’s delivery was a seamless and professional design tour de force with Everdure reaping the bottom line benefits of having used good d
Barbecue classes from Everdure
19.11.2007 - Everdure’s chef Bart Beek can show you how to optimise the use of your barbecue through its barbecue cooking classes.
Ceramic heater available from Everdure
15.11.2007 - Everdure Comfort Zone’s CB3000 is a smart and stylish ceramic heater, which combines stylish Italian design and powerful ceramic heating technology.
Everdure launches Comfort Zone’s TL150 fan heater
13.11.2007 - Everdure Comfort Zone’s TL150 is a new addition to the fan heater series.
Comfort Zone’s TL134 from Everdure
07.11.2007 - The Everdure Comfort Zone’s TL134 brings sophistication to your home heating.
Electric radiant Panel Heater available from Everdure
05.11.2007 - Everdure Comfort Zone PH15 radiant panel heater is available from Everdure.
Lumina convection heater available from Everdure
01.11.2007 - Everdure Lumina convection heater is available from Everdure.
Commander gas Heaters from Everdure
30.10.2007 - Australian made, Everdure radiant/convection heaters are equipped withseveral safety features to give you peace of mind.
Range of gas heaters available from Everdure
26.10.2007 - Everdure’s range of gas heaters incorporates 2 types of heating - radiant and convection.
Heaters for the home available from Everdure
09.10.2007 - Heaters for the home are available from Everdure.
Everdure releases Neo range of barbecues
29.08.2007 - Everdure has released the Neo range of barbecues.
Everdure introduces Everdure Fitzroy Outdoor Kitchen
24.08.2007 - Everdure has released a genuine outdoor kitchen. The Everdure Fitzroy is a fully functional modular kitchen, complete with integrated sink, storage, granite food preparation boards and accessible condiments storage.
Sizzling Summer entertaining with Everdure BBQ’s
22.08.2007 - Everdure barbeques, distributed by Shriro, are the answer to outdoor entertaining this summer, with their ‘Australian Made’ range of elegant, refined and user-friendly barbeques.
Everdure BBQs bring kitchens into the backyard
22.08.2007 - Style, form and function – Everdure barbecues combine features that will transform every backyard, balcony or patio into an enviable outdoor kitchen promising newly inspired and unforgettable cooking experiences.
Daintree built-in unit from Shriro
19.07.2007 - Simply elegant is a good way to describe the Daintree built-in unit.
Stirling 6 Burner barbecue from Everdure
04.07.2007 - Stirling is an ideal full size, 6-burner, stainless steel barbecue.


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