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Different types of rollers supplied by Conplant

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Conplant  distributes different types of compaction equipment. Compaction equipment supplied by Conplant includes tandem rollers, combination rollers, single drum rollers and pneumatic tyred rollers. Compact tandem vibratory rollers of 1-2t ideally suit small and medium sized assignments including garden construction, landscaping and road building works. These rollers provide effective compaction efficiency. Tandem rollers of 11.3-12.5t can be used on medium sized as well as large construction sites.

Combination rollers supplied by Conplant consists of water cooled three cylinder Yanmar diesel engine, corrosion free water tanks and scrapers. Other features of combination rollers include road lightning option, sliding seat and lubricated central articulation joint.

Single drum rollers offered by Conplant provide user friendly operating environment and are available in basic as well as heavy duty models. Pneumatic tyred rollers provide compactions of bituminous asphalt layers and natural soils. These rollers offer about one metre visibility both in front as well as behind the roller. These rollers come with a central tyre inflation system for providing correct tyre pressure during the operation.

Conplant also provides Ammann Compaction Expert which is used as an electronic measuring and control system for different vibrating rollers. This functions by adjusting the amplitude and frequency of the rollers according to the characteristics of the ground, thereby indicating optimal roller speed.

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