Atlantis Water Management's Easy Porous Paving Solutions

Reinforced Gravel Cell provides effective gravel containment and drainage
Reinforced Gravel Cell provides effective gravel containment and drainage
Reinforced Gravel Cell provides effective gravel containment and drainage Turf Cell structurally houses and reinforces grass in high traffic areas Flo-Grid porous plastic paving promotes effective infiltration of rainwater

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Atlantis Turf Cell®, Atlantis Gravel Cell®, Atlantis Flo-Grid®

Atlantis Water Management's range or porous paving options make creating functional and sustainable environments easy. Atlantis has plenty of durable and creative solutions available including grass and gravel reinforcement options or infiltration pavers. 

Atlantis Turf Cell® provides durable grass reinforcement for carparks, driveways and access roads
  • Rigid clipping designed to house and protect grass is easy to use
  • High load bearing over 4000 t/m² making it ideal for use in trafficable areas
  • Allows for both horizontal and vertical root growth
  • Permeable surface allows for water absorption and filtration
  • Increasing vegetation around buildings reduces ambient temperatures
  • Cost effective installation in comparison to concrete and bitumen 
  • Stabilises slopes and embankments
Atlantis Gravel Cell® provides strong gravel reinforcement and stabalisation
  • Easy installation with rigid clipping system
  • Ideal for driveways with load bearing over 4000 t/m²
  • Sustainable solution, made from recycled materials Gravel Cell® can collect and absorb rainwater into underground channels for reuse or redistribution into the water table
Atlantis Flo-Grid® infiltration pavers are easy to install and strong and durable in design
  • Permeable pavers are UV stabilised making them suitable for outdoor use in roof gardens, landscaping, driveways and paving
  • Highly chemical resistant and can handle loads in excess of 120 t/m²
  • Eliminates pits, sumps and pipes when used in conjunction with Atlantis Flo-Tank
  • Requires little maintenance and is as easy to install as a regular paver
  • Designer colours available in black, beige or terracotta
Atlantis' designs are kind on the environment, allowing for rainwater to either be harvested for reuse or redistributed back into natural aquifers and water tables as clean, filtered water. 
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